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Hi, I'm Ami. I'm 25 and I like Homestuck, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Digimon, Legend of Korra, anime (Attack on Titan, Free!, Dangan Ronpa, dmmd, and more), cats, writing, and the Oxford comma. I also blog a lot of social justice stuff, so if you're not into that, you might want to move on.

she/her pronouns

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do you ever see a person you used to be friends with and you’re like “glad i got the fuck outta that one”

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Age 12 and 15 :D

12, Digimon mostly. Pokemon too but mostly Digimon, and it’d probably be an RP blog.

15, uh…Gundam Wing? Still Digimon and Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, a lot of stuff about school too. Probably a writing blog too. And angels, lots and lots of angels and anime about angels.

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Tbh me having internet is pointless because I still don’t talk to anyone and I might be lonelier than I even was before

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one of my coworkers got a call (i work in a call center/tech support) from a customer that was really scared because supposedly the mafia was hacking her computer and they were stalking her…when finally my coworker took remote control of the computer he couldn’t stop laughing because


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So fucking lonely

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If anyone calls you out for wearing black or layered clothing during the summer look them straight in the eye and tell them its preparation for the flames of hell

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