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Hi, I'm Ami. I'm 25 and I like Homestuck, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Digimon, Legend of Korra, anime (Attack on Titan, Free!, Dangan Ronpa, dmmd, and more), cats, writing, and the Oxford comma.

she/her pronouns

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HELLO GUYS I AM DOING A GIVEAWAY FOR A COPY OF SUPER DANGAN RONPA 2 AND A PSP VITA!!!!!!!!!!!! One winner will be announced on September 2nd, the release date.

That’s the short of it, now here are the rules:

  • Please don’t reblog if you already have a PSP Vita.
  • I won’t switch out the game for another game if you win, this is specifically a giveaway for SDR2.
  • PLEASE don’t reblog if you can afford to get yourself a PSP Vita or SDR2. I want this giveaway to go to someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get it.
  • One like and one reblog.
  • No giveaway blogs allowed.
  • You don’t have to be following me!
  • People who live internationally will have to be able to give me money for shipping.
  • If you are under 18, please ask your parents before reblogging this!!!
  • You will have to give me your address if you win!

hey, hey, look at this thing that is ending in under four hours.

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Do you want to build a snowman? - WORDNER!

Come play with me. Pleeeease!

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Maybe I’ll try to play wordner

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I’m bored and want to play a game

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reblog if ur GAY and like to pet CATS

I really want cute plushes for my birthday this year

I won’t get them and I don’t need them, I just want them

I thought my dad was bad but my Sue’s son is worse, ugh. Dinner was awful.

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Send me the names of 3 characters and I’ll tell you who I want as my 

  • spouse
  • best friend
  • sibling

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